Our Story

GW Capital Investments helps the passive investor create wealth and financial independence by overhauling value-add medium-to-large sized multifamily properties in areas with shortages of affordable housing.

An equally important mission for GW Capital Investments is to enhance the communities invested in. Through creating solid relationships with local communities, we are committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and making communities better.


Why Invest With Us


Cash Flow

  • Projected returns higher than the stock market

  • Consistent income paid quarterly

Tax Benefits

  • Pass-through tax benefits through ownership

  • Cost segregation study for accelerated depreciation

  • Long-term capital gains advantages

  • May qualify to deduct up to $25k of losses annually


  • Pride of ownership

  • Enjoy increased equity as debt service is paid down through rental income and operations

  • Our value-add strategy increases the value of a property which allows investors to exponentially grow their returns at disposition or refinance.

Why Commercial Multifamily



  • Consistently outperforms the stock market

  • One of the most recession-resistant asset classes

  • Highest average annual returns of any commercial real estate sector with the second lowest volatility

Economies of Scale

  • Reduced vacancy risk

  • Reduced costs per unit

  • Increased cash flow per property



  • More Millennials and Baby Boomers are opting to rent

  • Shortfall in workforce and affordable housing availability

  • Housing prices have priced many aspiring homeowners out of the market

3-Step Investing Process

Sit back and reap the rewards in three easy steps!


Step 1: The Sign up

Fill out a short form to let us know you are interested in investing with us.


Step 2: The Meeting

We'll schedule a meeting by phone or teleconference to get to know you and talk about your investment goals. Together, we'll come up with an investment plan and help you carry it out.


Step 3: The Investment

Access exclusive investment opportunities and select or learn more about the opportunities available. Invest, then your job is done!